Thursday, January 12, 2012

For all you riding pre rubber mount sportsters

Clean up the neck area on your bike by relocating your coil! Here's a simple and clean solution. Send me your top motor mount and coil along with the threaded nut plate and I'll combine it for you nice and clean like for only $35. I also can powdercoat it for you!


*prices subject to change without notice* 


  1. I look forward to gettin your opinion on my old big twin version of this. The motor mount itself will be fabbed from round stock with a couple tabs added to hang the coil from. I'll us the old coil location on the seat tube for a stash flask or something...

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures of the Rubber Mounts here. In vehicles, the mounts help to separate the metal objects from each other and prevents the vibration. Vibration Reducers are both made out of rubber as well as steel with adjustable leveling screws.