Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shop space

Here's a little pic of where the magic happens. Excuse the mess. I pride myself with doing everything the old fashion may. No CNCs here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Playing with some other tanks

I have a mustang tank here that I have some serious plans for but decided to check out what it'd look like on my bike. What do you guys think? Also, at the time, I retunneled a Wassel tank for a client and decided to see what itd look like on my bike too. Not bad I think.

I really need a curtain or something to cover all that junk in the back ground. It's distracting...

Started on my tank

Finally after over a year! I started building my tank last week. Normally, it doesn't take me too long to build a tank but I have some strange plans for mine. That and I gotta keep up with the much desired orders for clients! I'm hoping to have my tank done by early January. The holidays really mess things up as far as schedules and stuff. Oh well. Gotta enjoy the family when they're down.

So back to the tank. I'll be doing some stuff I've never seen on any other modified sporty tank. I'm real excited about it. So if your interested in seeing it, stay tuned! Here's some sneak peak pics. Believe it or not, that little wing thing on the side is the whole flat bottom. This tank is gonna be SKINNY.

Personal bike build - post one of ?

MercuryMoto likes to focus on the Japanese style of bike building. The goofy tanks, vintage tires and barely-there rear fenders is one style I'm focusing more on than the others right now for my personal build. I'll be adding little details here and there but mostly have the lines from one of the Crazy Orange bikes. I'll of course throw in some of my personal touches. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New blog!

Ok so here it goes... I'll be posting pics of my current projects along with my personal bike build. I guess ill throw in some random stuff to keep it interesting. I don't know much of this stuff but ill do my best. Thank you for looking!