Monday, December 19, 2011

Playing with some other tanks

I have a mustang tank here that I have some serious plans for but decided to check out what it'd look like on my bike. What do you guys think? Also, at the time, I retunneled a Wassel tank for a client and decided to see what itd look like on my bike too. Not bad I think.

I really need a curtain or something to cover all that junk in the back ground. It's distracting...


  1. hi rene, one of your friends steffan recomended me to you. my question how much would it be to get a sportster shell made to a japan style tank, slimmed rounded top and some inches higher & the tunnel only half over the frame tube so it stands high on the frame and 4 bungs on the buttom.. my name per nielsen

  2. Hey neilsen, can you send me an email? It's